When searching the internet today for artificial turf, there are many different products on offer, at many different prices.

At Uppergrass, we can assure you one thing; the products we source are the highest grade and overall quality available in the market.

The beauty of being a privately owned family run business; we are not told what we have to sell. We select what we would like to sell, based on our clear focus of what is the best quality.

The grass yarn fibres used in our grass is produced in Germany using the highest quality resin types, UV stabilisers and extrusion process. The yarn is then shipped to the UK for final tufting and final assembly.

The Turfworks range we exclusively supply, combine technical ‘Y’ profile fibres, the highest grade PE plastic raw materials, and are extremely dense construction…
This leads to the ultimate grass that offers durability and resilience that is unrivalled.

How can you prove it?

A great test…
• Take a sample of Turfworks Majestic, and another ‘equivalent’ grass product
• Stand on the grass, one foot on each sample… for about 1 minute
• Step off the grass, and compare the recovery
• The uppergrass product you will see the resilience of the pile – returning to an upright state